New New Media Work: Digital Fire Warrior Headpiece

Latest piece. A digital image which grew out of a drawing in my sketchbook.. it’s a somewhat different direction for my work, as I continually look to infuse technology into my art practice, and also leverage my technical abilities to expand my creative possibilities. This piece also reflects my passion for creating, and the fire inside which I feel every day as I cope with life in this crazy world.

Fire is a powerful element. FIRE is both a source for the creation of life (sun, light) as well as a destroyer of life (guns, bombs, war, burning)… Fire is also used a metaphor for the most intense emotions: anger, desire, passion…
This Fire Warrior headpiece is evocative of elemental Fire, Light, Passion. The headpiece seeks to evoke the energy of this essential yet volatile force.

Let me know what you think of the piece. And of course I invite you to purchase a print at

-Rodney Lee, Creator

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